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Problem: How to teach children with sustainable issue in an interesting approac

Aim: Website tutorial and kit box

There are much waste that can be reused, we often ignored these although many things can be recycled into other product. Planet Hero is and innovative approach to help children notice the importance of recycling the waste and can make it become useful product again. Planet Hero is a service combining an entertainment website and a kit box teach children to make waste into new toys and help them develop a habit of recycle waste into useful product.

"Every child can become a planet hero to save the world through the planet hero kit enhance the sustainable awareness and make the art work from wasted material to recognise the importance of upcycling . " ​

Identify the problem 

It is important that recycling can reduce among of pollution, children can change behaviour from education and teach children recycle household  waste is the closing to daily life.


Double diamond has four stages,discover, define, develop and deliver.


Children make art work from recycling the household waste, they can learn the importance of recycling and get achievement from it. In addition, it can reduce the pollution on earth.

​Design Methodology

Double Diamond-4 stages design process






Education change behaviour

​Change people's behaviour should start from education, and children can be the future leader changing the world.


Insights from 

previous research


Interviewing a mother, a child  and a teacher.

+Parents and teacher think learning recycling can start from home

+Child think learning  recycling ca be more interesting not just going to recycling bank. 


"Recycling one ton of plastic can save up to 1,000–2,000 gallons of gasoline."(Conserve Energy Future, 2016)

"The amount of rubbish and materials we throw away is increasing by the year due to lifestyle changes and increasing population numbers." (Leo Deevy, 2016)

Identify problem

Research household waste

Recycling  helps in reducing energy and potentially useful materials from being wasted. Recycling household waste is what we can do.

+Recycle household waste will reduce lots of pollution. 

+Teach children recycle from household waste. 

+Learn recycling can be interesting.


Idea from game and learning, and then think it is a toy with educational funciotn.


+Teacher: like innovative way to teach enviornment

+Child(7~12y):want to learn recycling with entertainment

+Parent: want to teach children recycling at home and enhance interaction.




An interesting educational platform teach children.


Look into recycling product making website and analyse their pros and cons discovered the points.

+Tutorial video

+Target group

+visual image 

Ideation develop

My first idea is from a story book, children can follow the cue and create the art work. Later, come up a kit box and education platform. 

Design brief

"An educational service teach children recycling with a fun approach'

Design concept

Come up an idea offline kit and online tutorial learning system help children learn recycling with fun.


Website chart flow

Draft chart flow help make design my platform content.

Website concept 

Draft of website according to its content from homepage to  six man missions and tutorial.

Feedback from card prototype

+Logging in page should be in the same layer of home page.

+It should have more pages.

+how to attract parents to buy is the key 

+it is good to divide into different age group, 

+tutorial video is good for children


Expert interview

Ian Ferris

+visual language is important

+how to attract customers to buy

+how children interact with environment?

Ian Ferris

Ian’s 25 year career as an innovation coach, design consultant


Quick prototype for website help me test users about the visual communication and work flow of website easily. 

Feedback from five tests

+strong visual

+clear working flow

+constancy style  

Business model

What is planet hero


​Online to offline kit

​Planet hero combine physical product and online tutorial to help children learn and play in an innovative way.​ Just scan the QR code inside the box and will go to the tutorial page easily.

​Categorize different age

​Planet hero divides into three levels from easy to difficult depends on children's age. In the most important age periods to build the awareness from 7 to 12 years old. Three levels have different missions and courses.

Hero Missions

​Planet hero divides into six kinds of materials which are easy to get in the household waste. Children can find the material early and complete the mission.

Become a Planet Hero


Buy the box from website or retailer. Watch the tutorial on website, and complete the  mission.


Complete the art work from using the wasted material according to the instructions of tutorial. 


Photograph the work you done and it back for rewards of becoming a planet hero.

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