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I am Tzuwei (Katie)🐠 
A design lover and global adventurer and explorer 


I design for the future and technology, drawing from my prior experience in both consumer-centric and business-oriented product development. I help startup build up their own design system from scratch.

With a degree in information management for BA I found my passion in crafting products with color and shapes.

I’ve interned in Isobar, dissertation working with P&G and worked in B2B  Startup, South east asia superapp Grab, and crypto giant Binance.

I also help design a medical tech startup App for Peritoneal Dialysis patients in my spare time. 
In addition, I'm working with a university professor in the UK for a children's illustration book project.

As a designer,

I’m interested in observing small things among humans and I like bringing a positive impact to people’s lives.

I’m good at storytelling and turning problems into innovative and ‘happy’ solutions. Inspired by Dieter Rams, “Good design is as little as possible. Less, but better.” I believe in simplicity.

Fields I specialise in:

UX Research / Mobile Design / Web Design / Interaction Design/ Visual Design / Digital Prototyping / Illustration / Product Design / Graphic Design


Outside of work,

I am a world adventurer, volunteer, design hacker, illustrator, school ambassador, iFly challenger :) I would like to explore the world and understand people.

I contribute to the world through the products made with love. 💕

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