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Grabfood eater APP - Complex menu challenge


It is an App practice for Grab eater APP. I design some part of the App. The assumption there is a Product Manager gave me some requirements to complete how will I do.


Design a flow allowing the user to change topping + sugar level of the mango tea.


Assume that I had interviewed with five users and I will come out the persona to help me design based on this role’s need and goal. (Jakob Nielsen, published a scientific paper to describe his results from analyzing multiple usability studies. With a sample of 5 users, you can uncover 75–80 % of the usability issues in the design. Therefore I picked up five people to interview)


30, Female,  Office lady,

live in the center of Jakarta


  1. Account manager of one advertisement company.

  2. With 5 years working experience in an advertisement.


  1. Order the drinks three to four times a week.

  2. Like to eat sweets but also care about health.

  3. Go jogging every morning before going to the office.


  1. Want to order the drinks but still keep a healthy life. 

  2. Order a drink in a convenient and time-saving way.

Needs and Goals

JKT lady.jpg


1.   The user is a new customer to order the drinks of this store.

2.   The user is an old customer to use grab food to order the drink in another store.

3.   The user will purchase the first drink and will want to purchase another drink again.

User Flow

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