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Interface Redesign process
Interaction design
  • User, content, context analyse

Visual Design
& testing
  • Color

  • Typography

  • Understand user research

  • Sitemap

  • Wireframe



Click the logo and go back to the homepage.

User types keyword here and choose the location

Search’ the job is the most important thing for users, so the searching bar is bog and in the middle of page.

User type keywords here, and choose the location


When the user’s mouse goes through the item, it will have baseline under the item

User clicks here, the characters become bold

Language for different people. Depend on different users, like employer can change to employer version.

‘Click’ and change colour.

Classified bar
Because of previous research, users care factors the most is Job field, Location and Salary.
When they change the selection of menu, the items below will change.

When the user is at the bottom of page, click here to get to top page.

‘Click’ and colour change.

For a simple design, the recommend jobs show less than before. If they want to see more click .

Website size
(Common size and long page ) as long page provide information for them without more clicks.


W:768 pixels H:1366 pixels



Colour #ffa004

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