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It is a picowork APP, it is for members to communicate and manage file. It also can make a call, manage friend’s list and invite others through link, email or QR code. Users can cowork with coworkers everywhere just with one phone.
1.Log in
After users download the APP, they can use email address to log in the system also type their nick name. The main colour is blue is for business stable and calm image.
when users typed, keyboard rised. The input box rised as well to avoid the keyboard cover it. 
2.Default page
In default page, user will see the recent, contact and the notificaiton on the tab bar. In recent page, user will see all the cospace’s message. In contacts bar, user will see friends’ info. Notification bar is history for message, phone call.
Search bar is shown on the top because it is in common use.
When user sliding the list of member, will show phone call, video call and chat. It can reduce users click another page. 
Segment control shows the different types of notification. It can reduce the time users to find what they want. 
3.Cospace File+member+chatroom+setting
Cospace is the main function of this APP, it’s for coworkers to communicate and upload files. They also can see members condition and edit it.
In the cospace, users can manage file, members, chatroom and setting. 
In the file management, it will show the time file uploaded and file name. 
Members will be shown by their categories. 
4.Make a phone call
Users can make a phone call in private chatroom or cospace, when they have a call they can jump out of the phone call screen.
Users can see other’s screen when they are on a call. Because if there is an emergency message they still can reply.
5.LOGO design
Logo design is inspired from the cloud and box, because picowork is a cloud service that users can cowork and manage files.
6.Icon design
Those are parts of Picowork’s icons, they are all made by sketch.
7.Other key frames
Those are some key frames, the visual style is simple and calm. The main color is blue hope business will be stable image. The other key frames are from chatroom, phone call, file downloading, scan QR code to enter the cospace...etc. 
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