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An APP help young generation choose perfume 

Problem: How to help young generation choose their suitable fragrance

Aim: Create an application with personal perfume advisor, scent choice map and purchase system

I co-worked with P&G for 6 months, in the project I need to find out " How to help young generations to choose perfume online." Through the user shadowing, interview, case study and expert interview, I created the user purchase journey and prototype to test users.

Quick Prototype
Design Thinking
Double Diamond 
UX Designer
Design Researcher








Co-work with P&G.


Use technology to  help young customers choose the perfume.

User research 



Case study

Work shop

Analyze insights

Online: search bloggers, compare price

Offline: try scent, consult experts, take free samples 

Prototype test






Qualitative interview 

For discovering consumers' insights I interviewed 16 people aged from 23 to 30  and from Taiwanese, Chinese, South Korean, American, British and Spanish. First, I set questions from what, when, why, where, who, how to start the conversation with them. 


Discover consumers' perfume purchase behaviour and process.

User Research


Will you buy the perfume online?

What is your motivation to buy a perfume online?

What is the content on the website you will care when you buy the perfume?

How will you use platform help you buy the perfume?

When you buy the perfume?

What is the most important thing you care,brand , scent, price? 


Observe the customers in Physical store

They would come with friends. Ask friends’ advice more than clerks. Customers use the phone to search for information more than asking the clerk’s for advice. 


As knowing customers would try the scent in the physical store. I observed customers behaviour in the physical shop.

Observe the customers buying the perfume online

A customer uses websites to check the ingredients and compare prices.  The online user journey only for searching the information and price may be boring.


Knowing what the customer does in online process.

1. Consult

2. Check info with phone

3. With friends


User journey

Case Study

Selling perfume online is trendy for many perfume brands. Discovered  the online perfume store and perfume experts. 

Stores need to offer samples freely at first to customers. 

Scent trying is the first step when customers buying the perfume.



Read the information from bloggers about the perfume.

Care about the friend's suggestion.

Choosing perfume depends on which occasion and their mood.

Want to try the scent in home.

Like to compare the price online.

Feel boring about the process of searching the price and information.

Problem Statement

How to solve online perfume shopping with scent trying at home, how to make friends and bloggers suggestions in the purchase journey, and how to enhance perfume shopping experiences, how to help them choose a perfume online?



Brain storming

Group brain storming 

Invite seven design students to have a group brainstorming. Ask three questions: How to help young generations choose perfume through an APP? Describe the the problem I found in previous research.

Affinity map

This method is to make unorganised ideas into meaningful themes.classified similar ideas together and gave them a theme. I conclude the five ideas from group brainstorming.

What If

​Based on the results from affinity map, I come out five "what if" concepts, "what if 1" fragrance gaming is focusing on helping the perfume choosing journey more interesting. "What if 2" Create a network based service for perfume customers and bloggers share perfume experience. "What if 3" is a free sample delivery service sent by friends."What if 4" Fragrance Siri help customers choose perfume by artificial intelligence. "What if 5"Memory scent is a system help everyone's scent and memory save in a digital space.

Concept Evaluation

I invited same people asked in the interview to do a concept evaluation, use six elements I got form user research to 5 what if concepts. At last, what if 2 perfume network got the highest score.





Personal experience,




Compare price


Card Prototype

Card Prototype is a quick approach to test users and get feedback from them of this application's work flow, and the visual communication.

  • User think the process of choosing scent is interesting, 

  • but they think it is better to have comparing price function. 

  • How to make money from it

Final prototype test

I added price comparing function after the target choosing and use need to share their scent choice map and get the free sample. They like a perfume social net work, make friends with same interest. It would be convenient for users to compare the price.

Flow chart & Wireframe

Based on previous research, perfume APP focuses on social function, scent choosing map, price comparing.  

Final Design

Based on previous research, perfume APP focuses on social function, scent choosing map, price comparing.  

Feature 1

Scent choice map

Select different elements based on personal motivation and likes and come out a recommended personal scent. Interesting, personal, blogger recommendation

Feature 2

Social community

Join the perfume net work. Education, Adhesion

Feature 3

Compare price

Convenient for customers and help store increases exposure. 

Logo and color

Based on previous research, perfume APP focuses on social function, scent choosing map, price comparing.  

Map your scent 

the name is come out from this APP help you find out your personal scent.

Image Board

petal, clean, simple


In the homepage are articles offered from perfume bloggers and friends. Users can read specific bloggers' articles and consult to bloggers by clicking their profile picture. Solve the problem of users want to see the perfume articles in one platform and hard to find the perfume expert.

Scent choice map

There are seven elements to choose perfume, the contents are based on previous insights which customer will consider when they choose a perfume. Seven elements are: colour, occasion, outfits, season, music, mood and scent. When the outcome shows up, there will be the bloggers chooses the same perfume with the user and the scent map below which can be the data for company to study the customers interest and thoughts of scent choosing process.


The community area, users can join the topic and make friends with users with same interest. User can upload their personal perfume using experience as well, and can save the favorite perfume and articles in personal account.

Buy and Try

User can compare the price of the perfume from different sellers and choose the free scent sample delivery service. Also it can show the nearest store of this perfume for users to visit.

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