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Health APP

Overview of healthy app


User research (primary, secondary research)
Visual design


Project length

6 / 2020 -  8 / 2020 (2 months)

Who I work with

Self side project 


The app is a data aggregator which by nature incurs infrequent usage. The challenge is to propose a new feature or enhancement to drive up DAU.

"How Might We enhance daily active user (DAU) for healthy app?"


Understand mobile health App in the market

Reseach of Health

Mobile health App is a trend

According to the report by ResearchAndMarkets, the global mHealth market size is expected to reach $316.8 billion by 2027. Statista expects this figure to rise up even higher — to $333 billion to 2025.


Lots of people use m-health App

Indeed, a survey by Gallup reveals health app usage statistics that claim nearly half (45%) of Americans have at least tried digital health products such as fitness trackers or mobile health apps. And 1 in 5 (20%) have tried or are using both fitness trackers and apps.

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But retention for mHealth is a problem

User retention for digital healthcare solutions is still a major issue. Only 7% of digital health app portfolios count more than 50,000 active users.
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The current people usage of mobile health

Why do people use mobile health apps?

A little over half (934/1604, 58.23%) of mobile phone users had downloaded a health-related mobile app. Fitness and nutrition were the most common categories of health apps used.

Reason to Stop using

A little over half (934/1604, 58.23%) of mobile phone users had downloaded a health-related mobile app. Fitness and nutrition were the most common categories of health apps used.

Insight from market research

  • mHealth App will become a trend in the future.

  • Lots of people download the mHealth App, but the retention to use it is low.

  • Fitness and nutrition were the most common categories of health apps used.

  • Reason of stoping using it is high data entry burden, loss of interest, and hidden costs.

Understand value proposition of iOS health App

What is iOS health main functions?

  • Data aggregation from manual inputs and third party app

  • Data visualisation within a dashboard, helping self-realisation

  • Recommend article to live healthier

  • Health checklist remind me to set up medical ID

Who is iOS health target user?

The app targets absolutely everyone, and users with an Apple Watch or another wearable tech might be more likely to use the Health app because of the data summary function.

Understand users
Interview 10 people who use iOS health App

  • I use step counting but don’t have much intention to use it every day. ~Jacky

  • I use it everyday but only use it for sleeping function, set up a clock and sleep mode.~ Lung

  • I rarely use it, because the detail function is not that complete as other sleeping App such as Ouro. ~Vic

  • If I have the apple watch, I can sync up the data to the phone I might use the App everyday. ~Ruby


Create a persona


  • I have weak intention to use it everyday. And it won’t need me to use it everyday.

  • I wish there is a clear performance analysis showing my body condition.

  • I wish to manage my health becoming my habit, and it is in a fun way.

“I want to manage my health in a fun and easy way .”

30, Peter, a PM in a Tech consultancy company

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 3.26.34 PM.png

What is the potential idea direction?


I want iOS app become user’s everyday App and enhance more people to download it.



I don’t have much intention to use it everyday, and if I don’t have wearable device it will lose motivation to use it.

Define the problem

Define problem of health
  • Low App awareness

  • User can’t see the value to use it

  • Lack of commitment for users to keeping using it

  • Low intention to use the App

  • Lack of details in the function, like sleep doesn’t provide sleep report

Prioritize the problem to solve

1.Notification for reminding to check the App
2. Strong purpose in dashboard let user know what’s value in this App
3. Adding the set goal to add commitment for users
4. Create fun/attractive element to add users’ intention

5. Improving the function such as sleep can be low, because not every user has wearable device


How to increase people intention to use health App?

Higher Impact & Easy Implementation:

Focus on dashboard design and personal reminder


Dashboards are seen by the majority of the mHealth experts (60%) as the simplest and most effective feature to implement in driving behavior change and re-engaging with users, followed by personal reminders (49%).

Most successful mHealth app is information + guidance and actionable measures.

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 3.47.22 PM.png

How to increase user’s retention for App?

How to make this app become a part of user’s user’s life?


  • Unlock new content and features steadily. 

  • Keep your game and/or app on your users’ radar screen. ( Push notification/ email notification)

  • Set the target and stages

  • Add social interaction

  • Add bonus and gift

  • Use "human factors experts" in designing the app

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 3.51.53 PM.png

Competitor analysis

Take away from users’ reviews of fitbit

The good (user like)

  • The notification remind the user to stand up after sit for a while

  • Like the activity challenge with friend

  • Performance tracking

  • Goal setting

  • Information with hierachy in dashboard

  • Clean visual

The bad (pain point)

  • Discoverability issue with tracking and logging exercise

  • Users had difficulty finding some entry point to data

Need (opportunities)

  • Taking note function

  • Should track descending stairs not just climbing.

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 3.54.56 PM.png


Change the user journey

  • Only sometimes think of checking the steps
  • Open the Health App to check and feel nothing
Only sometimes think of checking the steps
Set a personal goal
Invite a friend to complete the goal together, checking performance to get motivated
Push Notification  to remind user to check
Come back to health App tomorrow and feel satisfied with my progress
  • Target setting 
  • Notification
  • Social integration
  • User activity tracking 


Final design
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